Refund Policy

All items in my store [unless otherwise noted] are made to order! 

This means items are hand made and prepared the moment

an order comes in. Due to this I am unable to have returns/refunds on

products that have been made exclusively for an order as I do not hold inventory myself. 


No Refunds/Returns/Exchanges 

As mentioned above due to the nature of my store. 

I am unable to accept returns/exchanges on products ordered.



There are exceptions! 
If the item you receive is faulty, you received a wrong size or the wrong product. 


In cases such as this where the fault lies on me and my production team. I am able

file a claim and have the item you received incorrectly/damaged. Reproduced and resent at 

no charge to you. Please do note I will need clear images of said errors in order to file a claim. 

In the same manner if you would just like a refund and not a resend of the product that will

be accommodated as well as soon as possible. 


Please pay attention when ordering!
Often then not, I get customers who noticed they ordered the wrong size or

entered the wrong address when placing an order. Please be wary when 

placing an order to make sure all your information is correct as well the sizing,

color or style of the item you are ordering. When these errors occur I am unable

to help you with a refund/exchange.