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Hololive EN - Takanashi Kiara "KFP" Cosplay Snapback Hat

$39.99 USD

Short top in soft fabric with a square neckline and draped bodice. Long sleeves with narrow elastic at shoulders and cuffs. Lined bodice.

This product is made to order! Please make sure size/color 

is correct when ordering. 

Hats are professionally embroidered made with a hi-quality hat. 

All designs on the hats are embroidered. 

KFP employee's rise up!
Based on Kiara's infamous Chicken[?] Restaurant [allegedly] this hat represents you as loyal and dedicated employee of the KFP franchise. [maybe]
Featuring in beautiful stitching, the cute mascot bird sits in the front along with some phoenix feathers that elegantly display you as a part of the food establishment.

The right side also displays Tencho's sword along the words "Phoenix Chicken" in German.

- Head circumference: 22″–24″ (55–60 cm)
- Plastic snap closure
- All design elements are professionally embroidered


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